Aquinnah is the western most town on Martha’s Vineyard with sweeping views of the ocean high atop gorgeous cliffs. We like Aquinnah for many reasons including its historic lighthouse, striking swimming beach and Native American history.

While the whole Island is full of interesting history, Aquinnah may take the prize. The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head owns nearly 500 acres of the land in the area and have been on the Island for more than 10,000 years. 
The Tribe’s cultural district is located right by the lighthouse and features several stores, as well as the Aquinnah Shop Restaurant, overlooking the ocean and the famous clay cliffs. 

Moshup’s Beach is a public beach at the foot of the cliffs and is one of the most stunning spots on the Island. It’s definitely worth a visit, but don’t plan to take any clay with you, as it’s against the law.

In 1799 The Gay Head Lighthouse became the first lighthouse on the Island. It was needed to help ensure safe passage for shipping traffic through the Vineyard Sound, between the cliffs and the Elizabeth Islands. Over time the red brick lighthouse has been updated and preserved and in 2015 it was moved 134 feet to a safer location.






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