Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree on Martha's Vineyard

Jen Hawkins O'Hanlon, REALTOR®


During the holiday season, Martha's Vineyard transforms into a winter wonderland, complete with the quintessential holiday symbol: the Christmas tree. In this guide, we'll explore the best spots on the island to find that perfect tree to light up your home and heart this holiday season.

Benefits of Local Christmas Trees

Choosing a local business when purchasing your Christmas tree is more than just a seasonal tradition; it's a way to support our community. By purchasing from local farms and markets, you're contributing to the local economy. Plus, you may even be contributing to a good cause, as some spots are an opportunity to have a portion of the proceeds donated to a local non-profit.

Best Places to Buy Christmas Trees on Martha's Vineyard

🎄 Alley's General Store, West Tisbury

Since the 1950's this Tisbury Fire Department tree sale took place on Main Street in Vineyard Haven. As the Island population has grown, new locations have become necessary. This year, you'll need to head to Alley's to get your tree that will benefit a local organization or help purchase equipment for the fire department.

🎄 Eden in Vineyard Haven

Eden is a delightful spot that not only offers beautiful Christmas trees but also a charming holiday shopping experience. The trees here are known for their quality and freshness.

🎄 SBS in Vineyard Haven

SBS provides a unique selection of Christmas trees along with holiday decorations. Their friendly staff are always ready to help you find just what you’re looking for.

🎄 Stop and Shop in Edgartown (tabletop only)

Ideal for those with limited space, the Edgartown Stop and Shop offers a variety of tabletop Christmas trees. These are perfect for adding a touch of holiday spirit to smaller areas. You will also find affordable wreaths.

🎄 Jim's Package Store in Oak Bluffs

Jim’s Package Store might be an unexpected place to find a Christmas tree, but they offer a surprising variety of high-quality trees during the holiday season.

🎄 Jardin Mahoney in Oak Bluffs

Jardin Mahoney is a popular choice for holiday shoppers. Their central location and large selection of Christmas trees is complemented by a range of holiday plants and decorations.

🎄 Donaroma's in Edgartown

Donaroma's offers a festive selection of Christmas trees and is known for its beautifully decorated holiday environment, making tree shopping a truly joyful experience. Pop into their store to peruse their beautiful ornaments and holiday decor.

🎄 Stop and Shop in Edgartown (tabletop only)

Just like its Vineyard Haven counterpart, the Edgartown Stop and Shop offers a variety of charming tabletop trees, perfect for those with smaller living spaces.

🎄 Morning Glory Farm in Edgartown

Morning Glory Farm is a favorite among locals for its farm-fresh Christmas trees. The farm offers a rustic and authentic holiday experience.

🎄 Vineyard Gardens in West Tisbury

Vineyard Gardens is not just a garden center; during the holidays, it transforms into a winter wonderland with a wonderful selection of Christmas trees.

Types of Trees Available

Martha's Vineyard offers a variety of Christmas trees, each with its own charm:

  • Fraser Fir: Known for its lovely pyramid shape, sturdy branches, and pleasant scent.
  • Balsam Fir: Offers a traditional look and a strong, festive fragrance.
  • Douglas Fir: These trees are popular for their soft needles and full, bushy appearance.

Tips for Choosing and Caring for Your Tree

When selecting your tree, ensure it's fresh (needles should be green and not easily fall off) and fits your space. Once home, place your tree away from heat sources and keep it well-watered to maintain its freshness throughout the season.

Additional Festive Activities on Martha’s Vineyard

Beyond tree shopping, the island is bustling with holiday activities. Don't miss the annual lighting of the Edgartown Lighthouse, a magical event that brings the community together.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect Christmas tree and adds a little extra joy to your holiday season on Martha's Vineyard. Happy tree hunting, and may your holidays be merry and bright!


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