Selling Your Martha's Vineyard Home During the Off-Season

Jen Hawkins O'Hanlon, REALTOR®


Weighing the Pros and Cons of Selling Your Martha's Vineyard Home During the Off-Season

Selling a home on Martha's Vineyard during the off-season comes with unique advantages and challenges. Here's an overview:


  1. Less Competition: The off-season sees fewer listings, as many homeowners withdraw their properties to avoid accumulating days on the market. This reduction in competition can make your property more prominent to potential buyers​​.

  2. Serious Buyers: Buyers active during the off-season are often more motivated and financially prepared, making them more likely to make solid offers​​.

  3. Strategic Timing: Listing before the spring surge can position your property advantageously in a less crowded market​​.

  4. Flexible Sale Terms: Off-season sales might offer more room for negotiation, especially in terms of moving dates, benefitting both parties​​.

  5. High Demand and Strong Prices: Despite being off-season, there's still high demand and robust sales prices due to continued lack of inventory, which can be advantageous for sellers​​. 


  1. Lower Activity Levels: Traditionally, the off-season experiences less market activity, which could mean fewer showings and extended sale periods​​.

  2. Seasonal Preferences: Some buyers prefer buying in warmer months to fully appreciate vacation properties, especially beachfront homes​​.

  3. Historic Property Complexities: Older, historic homes may have additional restrictions and require specialized knowledge for effective sales​​.

  4. Weather and Accessibility Issues: Off-season weather and accessibility might hinder property visits and diminish buyer interest.

  5. Reduced Curb Appeal: Properties might lack the vibrant appeal they have in warmer months, potentially affecting buyer perception.

  6. Winter Delisting: Some sellers choose to remove their properties from the market during winter to reset the days on the market count. This tactic aims to present the property as a fresh listing in the spring, potentially attracting more interest. However, this strategy can delay the selling process and might not always align with market dynamics or individual selling objectives.

In conclusion, selling during the off-season on Martha's Vineyard requires a careful assessment of these factors. While unique opportunities exist, challenges must be considered. Consulting with an experienced local real estate agent can provide tailored advice and help navigate these complexities.


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