Capturing the Essence: A List of Professional Photographers on Martha's Vineyard

Jen Hawkins O'Hanlon, REALTOR®


Martha's Vineyard, an idyllic island off the coast of Massachusetts, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and charming coastal towns. With its picturesque landscapes, stunning beaches, and vibrant communities, it's no wonder that Martha's Vineyard attracts photographers from all over the world. If you're looking to capture the essence of this captivating island, we've compiled a list of professional photographers on Martha's Vineyard who can turn your moments into timeless treasures. Whether you're seeking wedding photography, family portraits, or landscape shots, these talented individuals are sure to exceed your expectations.

David Welch Photography 

David Welch is a talented Martha's Vineyard photographer who specializes in capturing stunning landscapes and seascapes of the island. His expertise lies in capturing the natural beauty and unique charm of Martha's Vineyard, showcasing its picturesque beaches, rolling hills, lighthouses, and diverse towns. David's photographs often evoke a sense of tranquility and capture the island's magical atmosphere, making him a sought-after artist among locals and visitors alike.

Mila Lowe Photography

Mila Lowe is a renowned Martha's Vineyard photographer known for her exceptional portraiture work. Mila has a remarkable ability to capture the essence and personality of her subjects, whether it's individuals, families, or couples. Her portraits are often characterized by a blend of natural light, beautiful compositions, and an intimate connection with the subjects. Mila's skill in creating timeless and emotive portraits has made her a go-to photographer for capturing cherished memories and milestones on Martha's Vineyard.

Nicole Friedler Photography

Nicole Friedler is a versatile Martha's Vineyard photographer with a diverse range of specialties. She is well-known for her expertise in wedding photography, documenting couples' special moments with a blend of candid shots, artistic compositions, and attention to detail. Nicole also excels in capturing the beauty of Martha's Vineyard's wildlife and nature, showcasing the island's abundant flora and fauna in breathtaking photographs. Additionally, Nicole's portfolio includes architectural photography, where she captures the unique charm of Martha's Vineyard's iconic buildings and structures.

L.A. Brown Photography

Lisa Brown, also known as LA Brown, is an accomplished Martha's Vineyard photographer with a distinct style that combines fashion, editorial, and lifestyle photography. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for storytelling, Lisa creates visually captivating images that reflect her clients' personalities and aspirations. Her portfolio includes fashion shoots, lifestyle portraits, and editorial work for magazines and brands. Lisa's ability to bring out the best in her subjects and create compelling visual narratives has earned her a reputation as one of Martha's Vineyard's top photographers.

Randi Baird Photography

Randi Baird is a highly respected Martha's Vineyard photographer specializing in documentary and fine art photography. With a focus on capturing authentic moments and compelling narratives, Randi's work often explores the island's unique culture, traditions, and community. She has a talent for telling stories through her lens, whether it's documenting local events, capturing the essence of Vineyard life, or highlighting the work of artists and artisans on the island. Randi's photographs evoke a strong sense of place and engage viewers with their raw and emotive storytelling.

Martha's Vineyard offers numerous picturesque locations for photo sessions. Here are some popular spots on the island:

  1. Aquinnah Cliffs (Gay Head): Known for its stunning clay cliffs, Aquinnah offers breathtaking views of the ocean and vibrant landscapes.

  2. Edgartown Lighthouse: The iconic lighthouse in Edgartown Harbor provides a charming backdrop for photos, especially during sunset or golden hour.

  3. South Beach: With its wide sandy shorelines and dunes, South Beach offers a picturesque setting for beach-themed photo sessions.

  4. Menemsha Beach and Harbor: This quaint fishing village is famous for its picturesque sunsets, colorful fishing boats, and scenic views of the harbor.

  5. Oak Bluffs Gingerbread Cottages: The charming and whimsical Victorian-style cottages in Oak Bluffs make for a unique and vibrant backdrop for photos.

  6. State Beach: Stretching between Edgartown and Oak Bluffs, State Beach boasts long stretches of sand, grassy dunes, and beautiful views of Nantucket Sound.

  7. Chappaquiddick Island: Accessible by ferry, Chappaquiddick offers secluded beaches, marshes, and scenic spots like Mytoi Japanese Garden.

  8. Alley's General Store: This historic general store in West Tisbury provides a charming backdrop with its old-world charm and unique character.

  9. West Chop Lighthouse: Located in Vineyard Haven, the West Chop Lighthouse overlooks Vineyard Sound and offers stunning views and photo opportunities.

  10. Polly Hill Arboretum: A botanical garden in West Tisbury, Polly Hill Arboretum features a diverse collection of plants and scenic walking trails, ideal for nature-inspired photo sessions.

Remember to check the specific regulations and guidelines for photography at each location, as some places may have restrictions or permit requirements.

Professional photography on Martha’s Vineyard is about more than simply taking photos; it's about understanding and capturing the essence of the island. From the changing seasons to the unique challenges and the reward of creating visual narratives, professional photography on Martha's Vineyard is a journey of creativity and connection. It is a testament to the island's captivating charm and a profession that continually inspires and challenges in equal measure.



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