Winterizing Your Martha's Vineyard Home

Daryl Perez


As the summer days on Martha's Vineyard start to fade into crisp autumn, it's the perfect time to think about home maintenance tasks that will keep your property in top shape as colder weather approaches. Whether you've received recommendations from a home inspector or just want to ensure your Martha's Vineyard home remains in excellent condition, this fall maintenance checklist will guide you through essential tasks specific to island living.

1. Rake the Leaves: When the leaves start accumulating in your yard, it's time to take action. While some experts suggest leaving them, Martha's Vineyard's unique conditions may require raking, especially if leaves are rapidly filling your yard. Excessive leaves can harm your lawn by depriving it of oxygen and sunlight. Consider composting the leaves for later use as mulch or compost.

2. Plant Grass Seed: For a lush and healthy yard, planting grass seed is essential. The Martha's Vineyard climate requires careful consideration of grass seed selection based on factors like sunlight, moisture, and soil type. Fall is an ideal time to sow grass seed as temperatures cool, providing the best conditions for root development.

3. Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture: As temperatures drop, it's time to clean and store your outdoor furniture. Power wash the pieces to remove grime and mildew and store them in a protected area to prevent damage from winter weather.

4. Turn Off Your Outdoor Water Supply: Prevent frozen pipes and potential flooding by shutting off your outdoor water supply before the first freeze. Don't forget to drain and store garden hoses indoors to prevent damage.

5. Bring in Plants that Won't Survive the Cold: Martha's Vineyard's climate can be challenging for some plants during the winter. Bring sensitive plants indoors or provide proper protection to ensure their survival.

6. Touch Up Exterior Paint: Protect your home's exterior by touching up any paint that has started to peel or fade. Martha's Vineyard's coastal environment can be harsh on exteriors, so regular maintenance is crucial.

7. Check and Maintain Outdoor Lighting: As the days get shorter, ensure your outdoor lighting is functioning correctly. Well-lit pathways and outdoor spaces are essential, especially if you expect trick-or-treaters during the Halloween season.

8. Clean Your Gutters: Clear out leaves and debris from your gutters before winter arrives. Proper drainage prevents water damage to your home's foundation and exterior.

9. Clean Your Dryer Vent: Regular dryer vent cleaning not only keeps your appliance running efficiently but also reduces the risk of fires. Fall is an excellent time to do this, especially as laundry loads increase.

10. Repair Cracks in Driveways, Walkways, and the Foundation: Address cracks around your property before winter. Water can seep in, freeze, and worsen these cracks, potentially causing costly damage.

11. Clean Your Fireplace and Chimney: Prepare your fireplace for cozy winter nights by hiring a professional chimney sweep. They'll ensure safe operation and identify any issues you might overlook.

12. Prep Your Heating System: Have a licensed HVAC technician service your heating system before the colder months set in. This ensures reliable warmth when you need it most.

13. Check Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Your safety is paramount. Regularly test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries as needed, especially with increased fireplace and heater use.

14. Re-Caulk Window and Door Casings: Seal any air leaks around windows and doors with caulk to maintain a comfortable temperature inside and save on heating costs.

By following this comprehensive fall home maintenance checklist tailored to Martha's Vineyard homeowners, you'll ensure your property is ready for the seasonal changes and the unique challenges posed by this beautiful island's environment.


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