Possible Dreams Auction | July 2022


The O'Hanlon Group had an unforgettable evening participating and contributing to our local community at The Possible Dreams Auction this past Sunday.

The Possible Dreams Auction is the largest annual fundraiser for MV Community Services, giving people the opportunity to bid on unique on and off-Island experiences, all while giving back to their Island community.

Despite the high temperatures that day, the event was fantastic and a great success. So much so that a co-host of the event and comedian Seth Meyers jokingly said: 

“Probably 20 years from now we’ll be doing it at Madison Square Garden,”

Community Services Statement: 

“We are so incredibly grateful to all of our sponsors, donors, advertisers, in-kind contributors, and bidders that showed up in support of MV Community Services' 44th annual Possible Dreams Auction today and helped us raise a RECORD-BREAKING $670,000!

The support enables Community Services to continue providing services for nearly 5,500 Island children, families, teens, and adults, helping our Island community to be as vibrant, strong, and healthy as it can be.

Thank you again for joining us on this mission. Together, anything is possible.”

Community Services provided a recording of the event for those who could not join the auction in person.


We at the O'Hanlon Group of CØMPASS real estate will wholeheartedly continue to support MV Community Services and everything they do.Thank you for making dreams come true! 


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