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The Best Protection You Can Get When Buying A House Is Picking The Right Buyers Agent

Buying a home on Martha’s Vineyard can be complicated! Our years of experience and knowledge of the Island are a huge benefit to our clients. We are committed to fast, professional, concierge level service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home-buying process.

Well, that’s what many home buyers think at first…

…and some choose their friend who has their real estate agent license or that person they saw in the newspaper thinking that “All real estate agents on the Vineyard are the same“.

But many later find out that the wrong buyer’s agent could cause you to...
  • Lose the home you really want to another buyer because of an ill-prepared offer.
  • Pay too much for a house based on emotion vs. solid facts.
  • Waste hours and hours seeing homes that aren’t what you’re looking for.
  • Miss out on an amazing house because it was a “For Sale By Owner” or Foreclosure and that agent isn’t experienced dealing with those types of sellers (or finding those properties).
  • Overlooking issues with the house that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and would have been noticed with years of experience working with the right inspectors and professionals.
  • …and more

The Right Buyers Agent Can Save You Thousands of Dollars, Dozens of Hours, and Lots of Headaches



As a team, we work in harmony for the benefit of our clients. We handle multiple transactions at once and are able to execute a complex marketing strategy by leveraging team resources. We can be in several physical locations at once to ensure showings are always possible for our buyers and sellers. Our clients benefit from the combined experience of our agents and administrative staff.

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