Brunching in Style: The Best Brunch Spots on Martha's Vineyard

Jen Hawkins O'Hanlon, REALTOR®


People are always talking about the best restaurants on Martha's Vineyard, but often we forget about those that serve brunch. Perhaps it's time to skip the crowds and parking spot search and make brunch plans instead of dinner! 

Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, the island boasts a range of exceptional brunch spots that cater to every palate. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best brunch spots on Martha's Vineyard, where you can indulge in delicious food, sip on refreshing beverages, and soak in the island's relaxed ambiance.

1. Little House Cafe and Bakery:

Located in Vineyard Haven, Little House Cafe is a sunny, cozy stop for breakfast, lunch & dinner with an international flair. With fresh & homemade favorites like fish tacos, lamb burgers, soups & salads, plus an extensive coffee and beer and wine menu, you're sure to find amazing flavors and options for all diets.

2. Lucky Hank's:

Committed to sustainability and supporting our local community, Lucky Hank's has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seasonally since 2012. They incorporate locally-sourced ingredients and choose humane-certified meats. They are dedicated to serving Martha’s Vineyard inspired comfort food made with fresh and local ingredients

3.  The Black Dog Tavern: Situated in the heart of Vineyard Haven, The Black Dog Tavern is an iconic waterfront restaurant that serves an exceptional brunch. Known for its warm hospitality and stunning views, this establishment offers an array of delectable dishes, such as lobster Benedict, fluffy blueberry pancakes, and their famous chowder. Pair your meal with a refreshing mimosa or a cup of their signature coffee for a truly memorable brunch experience.

4. Among the Flowers Café: Tucked away in Edgartown, Among the Flowers Café exudes a charming, rustic ambiance. This cozy cafe specializes in farm-to-table cuisine and offers a delightful brunch menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in their fluffy buttermilk biscuits topped with eggs and bacon, or savor their mouthwatering avocado toast. With a focus on fresh flavors and seasonal ingredients, Among the Flowers Café is a brunch spot not to be missed.

5. The Sweet Life Café: For a more upscale brunch experience, head to The Sweet Life Café in Oak Bluffs. This elegant establishment is known for its refined atmosphere and exceptional cuisine. Their brunch menu features exquisite dishes like smoked salmon eggs Benedict, brioche French toast with fresh berries, and lobster frittata. Treat yourself to a glass of champagne or a handcrafted cocktail while enjoying the sophisticated ambiance

6. Linda Jean's Restaurant:

A popular breakfast and brunch spot in Oak Bluffs, Linda Jean's Restaurant offers a cozy and casual atmosphere with a menu that caters to all tastes. Their extensive brunch options include classic favorites like fluffy pancakes, hearty omelets, and delicious breakfast burritos. You can also customize your meal with a variety of toppings and sides. Linda Jean's is the perfect spot for a laid-back, family-friendly brunch experience.

From classic diners to waterfront taverns and cozy cafes, Martha's Vineyard offers a diverse array of brunch spots that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you're seeking a casual breakfast with stunning ocean views or an elegant brunch with refined flavors, the island has something for everyone. So, be sure to check out these exceptional brunch spots and treat yourself to a delightful culinary experience amidst the island's breathtaking beauty. And remember to check their web sites for days and times of breakfast and brunch service.



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