Waskosim’s Rock on Martha’s Vineyard

Jen Hawkins O'Hanlon, REALTOR®


The 185 acre Waskosim’s Rock Reservation on Martha’s Vineyard is full of great trails that wind over the hilly terrain piled up by the glaciers fifteen thousand years ago. Waskosim was not a person — it mean’s “new stone” in the Wampanoag language, and in the 1600s the rock marked the boundary between English and Native American land. Today it lies very near the town line between West Tisbury and Chilmark.

It’s a particular favorite of the Island’s mountain biking community. YES that’s right, mountain bikes are welcome!

How Do I Get There??: The preserve straddles the town line between Chilmark and West Tisbury on the North Road. The entrance is the first left on the Chilmark side.

For more information about the Land Bank Properties on Martha’s Vineyard, visit the detailed map here.

Learn more about the history of Waskosim’s Rock on Martha’s Vineyard.

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