May 2021 – O’Hanlon Group Martha’s Vineyard Newsletter


The Island has already come alive for the season and we’re experiencing fantastic spring weather on Martha’s Vineyard!

While we are so excited to have the Agricultural Fair back this year on Martha’s Vineyard (scheduled for 8/19-8/22), it was just announced that the Edgartown parade and fireworks will not be happening. Although disappointing, the police and fire departments have reported being understaffed and the Island’s Covid numbers are still up at this time. So, we will have to wait patiently for 2022 to celebrate this wonderful tradition again.
With real estate inventory remaining very low, we expect this to be another summer of homes flying off the shelves. And while it’s hard to believe things aren’t cooling down, many are dying to know if this is a housing bubble that is going to pop. I’m happy to report that is not expected to happen on Martha’s Vineyard and here’s why.

President Biden’s American Families Plan has created a bit of a buzz these days. Wondering what is happening with the Capital Gains taxes and the housing market? Who it affects and what they can do about it? Here’s a summary I’ve put together with information and options for Martha’s Vineyard property owners.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Clubhouse… Are you on social media? With over 100 million Instagram users in the U.S., it is becoming a popular way to provide and receive information. For me, it is a great way to share real estate advice and listing updates. So, if you’re on Instagram and want to follow my daily posts of Martha’s Vineyard real estate wisdom & property updates, join me here!
Ready to get outside? If you’re on the Island, don’t miss a hike to the Brickyard! 20 acres have been added to the Menemsha Hills trail, allowing public access to the Brickyard for the first time.


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