Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate – Dec 2020

Jen Hawkins O'Hanlon, REALTOR®


What a year this has been! The Martha’s Vineyard real estate market has been on fire since May and we still have a huge demand for homes on Martha’s Vineyard. We have seen incredibly low interest rates and people have come to realize just how important their homes are. Total inventory is down 58% from last year!

November 2020 Stats:
✅ 26 New Listings
✅ 153 Homes Available for Sale
✅ 75 Homes Sold

As compared to November 2019 Stats:
➡️ 22 New Listings
➡️ 262 Homes Available for Sale
➡️ 36 Homes Sold

With dwindling supply and continuous demand, it’s not hard to believe that home prices on the island have continued to go up over the last 9 months. It really should come as no surprise that people flock to Martha’s Vineyard when social distancing and being outside became key to our survival. With the natural beauty and supportive community, I know I wouldn’t want to live anyplace else.

Feel free to reach out if you feel the same and need some assistance buying or selling a home on Martha’s Vineyard.
Happy Holidays and CHEERS to a 2021 when we’ll be reunited with family and friends.



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