5 Tips To Sell Your House on Martha's Vineyard When The Property Next Door is An Eyesore

Jen Hawkins O'Hanlon, REALTOR®


Sometimes a neighborhood may have a property that isn’t cared for quite as well as it should be. Perhaps you live right next to that less-than-pristine property, and you’ve decided it’s time to sell. Looking for some assistance is entirely reasonable, and help is on the way with our 5 tips to sell your house on Martha's Vineyard when the property next door is an eyesore.

Be Up Front About Issues

A great first step is to let your real estate agent know about any issues from the get-go.
Qualified and seasoned real estate professionals have the resources and experience to remedy any troublesome situation as quickly and quietly as possible. If the property truly draws that much attention, this may also mean being open and honest with potential buyers.
It’s better to give them a warning ahead of time than let them discover any unsavory circumstances on their own. If the latter happens, it’s likely to surprise those buyers, sour their perspective on the situation, and possibly drive them away.
Finally, your chosen agent may recommend that the impact of the eyesore property could mean lowering expectations with incoming offers or just pricing your for-sale property a little lower to help drive more interest.

Have an HOA? Get Their Help

If you happen to live in an area that is controlled by a homeowners association, do not feel bad attempting to seek some relief by getting them involved when the property next door is problematic.
The HOA is there to maintain the presence and style of the neighborhood in order to hopefully lift property values and general aesthetics. If this one property is seen to be causing issues, the HOA is responsible for stepping in and trying to remedy the issue along with the property owner. Depending on the bylaws of your HOA, they may or may not be your saving grace.

Try Smoothing Things Over

If you have been living next to the owners for a while, chances are you’re at least a little familiar with them.
If you have a rapport with the property owner, then consider trying to discuss your situation with them, and be honest. Maybe giving them a hand around the house will give them the motivation required to fix the problem for you, or even a small gift of baked goods could say that you appreciate and value them and need their help right now.
Adding a personal touch can be the thing that makes a big difference when the property next door is an issue, and should definitely be considered.

Distract and Highlight the Positive

If you’re finding yourself in a position where your agent is ready to begin doing showings and interested parties are coming out of the woodwork, chances are it’s time to try focusing on what you’re selling.
By pushing forward with the positive attributes of your home, you can keep people looking at the strong possibilities ahead for them rather than allowing them to get too concerned with what’s happening next door. Spending a little to update some landscaping can be all that’s needed to maintain the curb appeal of your property while not allowing the next-door eyesore to ruin your sales prospects.

Turn It into a Positive

Last, hinging on the exact scenario you’re dealing with when it comes to the eyesore property, you may be able to turn it into a selling point.

While that eyesore property may be ugly to you, someone else may find it incredibly appealing and full of character. During showings, agents will take a moment to read the reactions of any potential buyers, and if your agent finds a buyer who feels the quirky, ugly house next door is fun and cool, they’re going to jump on that opportunity.


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